Vordonia Inc

The Naked Taste of Olives When you eat my olive oil you will eat olive oil for the first time in your life.
I'm an old fashion traditional oil craftsman, the last of my kind. I produce a single varietal oil (Athenolia), literally the finest oil in the world with a shelve life of over 8 years and on occasion will pop the cork of the bottle like a fine champagne. I have an olive to oil pressing ratio of 1 kilo of oil from 3 kilos of olives...That means my oil is 34 percent while all other artisans oils are below 10 percent. I produce between 650-1400 bottles per year.
Address 10207 Douglas Ave
Silver Spring, Maryland, 20902
United States
Phone Number 301 412-5876
E-mail vordonia@comcast.net
Website http://www.vordonia.com
First Year in Business 1910