Lone Star Olive Ranch

Lone Star Olive Ranch is an established olive ranch located in Southeast Texas. The orchard is comprised of over 5,000 trees of different varietals, we sell olive oil, we also offer orchard consulting, installation and management services. We pride ourselves in our focus on how the Southeast region of Texas and olives work together. We work to make the olive business and olive growers in Southeast Texas a viable and successful enterprise.
Lone Star Olive Ranch was established in 2009. We have planted olive trees at various times of the year since 2009. We have planted several different olive varietals in the orchard and have experimented with different planting densities and irrigation systems. Our goal is to know what olive varietals and farming methodologies work best in the Southeast region of Texas. We have had our successes and our failures and we have learned A LOT from both. We work with every degree of olive (or potential olive) farmer. We have done large scale installations as well as family style orchard installations. We have harvested, milled and bottled our own extra virgin olive oil as well as performed these duties for various olive growers in our region. We ARE the olive people in Southeast Texas. We love what we do and love who we work with. This emerging passion of growing olives in Texas is amazing, addictive and a whole lot of fun. JOIN US!
Address 856 FM 2289
Madisonville, Texas, 77864
United States
County Madison
Phone Number (832) 445-4130
E-mail cathy@lonestaroliveranch.com
Website http://www.lonestaroliveranch.com
First Year in Business 2009