Oli-Ole Dressing (USA)

Oli-Olé is a single-serving capsule of Spanish extra virgin olive oil, a perfect condiment for in-flight or packaged meals. Lightweight and durable packaging for on-the-go single serving
Oli-Olé comes from Spain´s southern region of Andalucia, where family farms have for generations passed down the art of cultivating quality olive oils. We have launched into the market this individual use packets, of 10 ml, 20 ml.or 30ml, combining and attractive design with the advantage of being an easy to use product. Our packaging is completely personalized, manipulated only by the person who consumes it, therefore avoiding spills and guaranteeing the consumer hygiene and cleanliness. We have offices in the U.S (California), Spain (Andalucia), and Mexico (DF), and are able to meet your demands for order volume and timely delivery.
Address Los Angeles, California,
United States
Phone Number
E-mail aguillen@oli-ole.com
Website http://www.oli-ole.com
First Year in Business 2007