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Producing, importing, packaging, and distribution of very rear-limited release varieties of extra virgin olive oil and extracts. Our clients are some of the best chefs & restaurants globally, as we strive to provide them uncompromising quality extra virgin olive oil, a variety of extracts, responsive customer service, and competitive pricing as our main goals. Tsounato olive oil is called the 'green diamond' of all olive oils worldwide.
Tsounato Olive Oil is a 100% single estate oil from Chania, Crete, the largest Greek island. Located on the Southeast edge of the Agean Sea, the Mediterannean climate offers the best possible environment for the cultivation of the 100% Tsounati olives used in the production of Tsounato Olive Oil. Unlike olive oil processed in modern plants, Tsounato Olive Oil is unfiltered, extra virgin, cold-pressed raw olive oil. The sediment at the bottom of each bottle is an indication of the pure, traditional process by which Tsounato Olive Oil is produced. A gentle shake of the bottle prior to each use will evenly distribute the sediment and guarantee the rich, full-bodied texture and semi-fruity flavor with a subtle peppery finish. In order to maintain the quality of our product, Tsounato Olive Oil is available in limited quantities. Tsounato is known as the Green Diamond of olive oil. When we first experienced its full bodied texture and unique taste, we knew that we had discovered something special. We were amazed when laboratory tests showed the nutrient density of this olive oil, specifically with its high levels of hydroxytyrosol and the many health benefits that it offers. Our family has enjoyed Tsounato olive oil for many years, and it is our pleasure to have the opportunity to share this rare gift with you.
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