Kaldes Bros. Trading Co.

Kaldes Bros Trading Co., LLC (“Kaldes Bros”) is a Virginia-based importer, wholesaler and retailer of specialty high quality Mediterranean foods, such as Greek olive oils and tomato sauces under the premium label Kaldí – Pure Mediterranean Taste.
We are two Greek-American brothers, Greg and Peter Kaldes, who love good Greek food. And as our friends say, we also love to share good Greek food – especially when it’s made with our family’s Greek olive oil. So, in August 2009, we started Kaldí – Pure Mediterranean Taste. Although Kaldí may be a new brand, it isn’t a new idea – simple yet sophisticated Greek food has been around for centuries. But it’s hard to find the kind of honest and healthy Greek food that we grew up eating - until now. With olive oils made from rare Greek olives, and all-natural tomato sauces that combine the freshest island vegetables with aromatic herbs and spices, Kaldí brings you the pure Mediterranean tastes of Greece.
Address Lorton, Virginia,
United States
Phone Number 5714497512
E-mail info@kaldesbros.com
Website http://www.kalditastes.com
First Year in Business 2010