il Fustino

The freshest California produced olive oils and vinegars available for sampling from our stainless steel tanks.
You can spend a lot for a great oil or vinegar at a high-end store, but are you sure you are getting the freshest product possible? How long has that $30 bottle of oil sat on the shelf? At il Fustino you are guaranteed to get the freshest oil and vinegars possible. We buy direct from growers and suppliers and we keep small inventories. All our products are bottled on order. Because we sell in volume and only sell oils and vinegars, you can be sure you are getting the best. Our store is based on an old concept. In the Mediterranean basin, oilerys have, for centuries, been sampling and bottling from "il Fustino" (the tank in Italian) because customers insist on trying before buying. Enjoy your time at il Fustino.
Address 3401 State Street
Santa Barbara, California, 93105
United States
County Santa Barbara
Phone Number 888.798.4740
First Year in Business 2008