Olio Capitale Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

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Award Reference Olio Capitale Top Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Expo
First Year of Competition 2006
On the occasion of the “Olio Capitale” Fair, Fiera Trieste Spa promotes the Olio Capitale Competition for typical, quality extra-virgin olive oil from the Mediterranean area. The novelty in the contest is the oil selection procedure: after a sample pre-selection phase supervised by a professional group , oils will be assessed by three different panels: one of professional tasters, one of professional users and one representing consumers, i.e. visitors to the show, who will attend also some tasting courses. Olive oil competition held during the Olio Capitale Top Quality Extra Virgin Olie Oil Expo in Trieste, Italy.
Deadline for receipt of entry forms and samples Feb 01, 2010
Feb 20, 2014