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California Olive Oil Council Board Changes

Source: The Olive Oil Source
July 01, 2005

The COOC Board of Directors  announced Karen Guth as the new board president. She has been a board member for over five years and the treasurer for four of those years.  Proprietor and founder of Willow Creek Olive Ranch (Pasolivo Olive Oil) in Paso Robles, Karen is a businesswoman by education and experience and a mortgage banker by profession.

Karen replaces Bruce Golino. During his term, Bruce was instrumental in leading several projects including the USDA standards, truth in labeling and assisting with the culmination of several marketing and grant related projects. Bruce continues as a board member.

The COOC also announced that Dick Neilsen, General Manager at McEvoy Ranch has joined the Board. Dick has been very active in food and agriculture for forty years. In addition to olive oil, Dick has had vast experience with fresh and canned pineapple, cattle feed, packing and distribution as well as trade relations.

Sue Ellery of Stella Cadente Olive Oil Company and Roberto Zecca have retired from the board. Roberto has also retired from his post as COOC Taste Panel Co-Leader. A driving force in the success of the Taste Panel and instrumental in the panel's recognition from the IOOC in Madrid, Roberto will continue as Chairperson for the Los Angeles County Fair "Olive Oils of the World' competition.