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California Olive Ranch News

Source: The Olive Oil Source
May 05, 2009

California Olive Ranch, North America's largest producer of extra virgin olive oil, has launched two new blogs and an electronic newsletter intended for chefs and consumers.

The chef blog -- -- features olive oil recipes from chefs, information about tasting extra virgin olive oil, the standards governing extra virgin olive oil, and upcoming events. San Diego Chef Trey Foshee of Georges at the Cove was the first chef whose recipes were posted. Chefs and anyone else interested in extra virgin olive oil can sign up at

The consumer blog -- -- offers tips for using extra virgin olive oil, recipes, and information about buying olive oil and the various grades available on the market. Home cooks, curious consumers, and all those passionate about olive oil can sign up at

The monthly eNewsletter, "In Season," features tips and recipes from chefs and seasonal recipes incorporating California's agricultural harvest and extra virgin olive oil. Those interested in receiving the eNewsletter can sign up at