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Celebrity Autographs for His Fans at Marin Farmers

Source: Oliver Spits
June 05, 1998

A crowd around one of the booths at the Marin Civic Center Farmer’s Market attracted my attention this past weekend. Bottles of V.G. Buck’s latest pressing were flying off the table. After inquiring I found that it was Mr. Buck himself behind the cashbox. When several of the customers heard this there were prompt requests for autographed bottles. One gushing couple said that they were visiting from Hawaii and heard they could pick up a bottle of their favorite oil at the market. V.G. seemed embarrassed by the celebrity attention as he struggled with a suitable pen and his distinctive squarish bottle. It didn't keep him from making a sales pitch; he promptly told the couple they could load up on his whole line of tapenades, oils, and vinegars at their local Safeway in the Islands. For more information on V.G. Buck products go to the Olive Oil Source Home page and click on V.G. Buck and link to one of their on-line distributors.