In the Competitive World of Olive Oil, The Tasting Field is not Level - It is Round | The Olive Oil Source

In the Competitive World of Olive Oil, The Tasting Field is not Level - It is Round

Source: The Olive Oil Source
September 08, 2003

--At Carmel Valley, CA's 12th Annual TomatoFest ® there will be no level tasting field as olive oils from down under, back over , around the corner, to the left, to the right, underneath, overhead and wherever, all line up with the usual suspects for a truly 'round the world tasting twirl.--

Carmel Valley, CA (Aug 20) -- It will be a global gastronomic experience at this years International Olive Oil Pavilion during the September 14 TomatoFest® at Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley, CA.

Under the direction of Strictly Olive Oil's™ Betty Pustarfi, the third annual International Olive Oil Pavilion will have some two dozen premium oils from around the world for tasting and comparison.

Extra Virgin olive oils from Croatia, Chile, Israel, Turkey, Tunisia, New Zealand, Australia, Morocco, Portugal, South Africa, Argentine…all face off with the celebrated Med Fab Four -- Spain, Italy, France and Greece -- who have a few secret regional reserves of their own to bring into play. According to Pustarfi, who has been presenting national seminars and tastings since 1984 and who has traveled widely to olive oil producing countries, this is the first time to her knowledge that such a comprehensive offering has been assembled for the consumer, much less the food service and specialty food industry.

Discussion of the oils and their origins will be encouraged, says Pustarfi, and although there will be no on-site sales (or sales pitches!), descriptive literature and handouts listing sources will be available.

Gary Ibsen's Carmel TomatoFest® started out as a small get together for family and friends to celebrate the season's tomato harvest. Now in its 12th year it has become an annual food/wine celebration and fund raising event that attracts lovers of fine cuisine and full-flavored heirloom tomatoes also from around the world.

The olive oil pavilion is a tasty addition to the TomatoFest 's offering of more than 300 tomato varieties, a country BBQ, a selection of tomato dishes created by 50 of Central California's best restaurants, a wine tasting of more than 60 Monterey County premium wines, a tomato salsa showcase and other gastronomic pavilions.

For TomatoFest information, go to or call toll free at 888-989-8171. For more olive oil information call 831.372-6682. Betty Pustarfi owns Strictly Olive Oil, located in Pebble Beach, CA.