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First Press – Become Your Own Miller with This Home Olive Oil Press

By Caroline J. Beck
September 01, 2011

If you are new to the olive oil industry and have planted an orchard just coming into production, learning to mill your own crop is an invaluable lesson that will serve you well into the growth of your new business. If you are a hobby farmer and have finally decided to harvest those beautiful old olive trees on your property, you can turn a harvest party into the full experience by pressing olives into fresh oil right off the trees. And you can do all this with a personal-sized mill that delivers professional results.

The First Press TM home olive oil press has everything you need to make olive oil except the olives. The mill has a stainless steel hopper and grind components to process 5 gallons of olives in a few minutes. The paste is then mixed in the malaxer, which has stainless steel mixing blades, for 30 to 60 minutes. In the final step, the paste is put on special filter mats and slotted plates which allow up to 15 pounds of olives to be pressed every 30 minutes for an ideal throughput of about 30 pounds of olives an hour. Or about 40 bottles* of freshly-pressed oil to give as gifts to family and friends in thanks for helping with the harvest.

What's a great investment for people new to the olive oil industry and who have planted an orchard coming into production?First Press TM home olive oil press includes:


  • 1hp electric motor 120 volts AC

  • All stainless steel grinding chamber and hopper

  • 31" high, 17" wide


  • 120 volts 1.2 amp motor

  • 4 1/2 gallon capacity

  • Food grade mixing container with stainless steel mixing blades

  • 13" diameter, 17" tall


  • Painted steel construction 25 x 17 x 60 inches high

  • 20 ton hydraulic press - manual lever action

  • Adjustable 3 foot press travel

  • 2 sets of proprietary filter mats and free flow spacers including:

  • 38 slotted plates for filters 4 unslotted plates

  • 72 filters

  • Catch pan, paste mold and scraper

  • Solid wheels with levelers 198 lbs.

  • 4 1/2 gallon Decanter with bracket

  • User's manual

  • Case of 12 square bottles, 250ml with corks

  • Measuring scoop

  • Safety goggles

  • 2 - 18 quart mixing containers for paste

  • 1 - 22 quart oversize container for warming paste during mixing

  • All necessary tubing, valves and corks

  • Manual

  • 1 year warranty against defects in manufacture or workmanship

      (Filter system for olive oil recovery U.S. Pat No 6,269,271)

      The First Press TM home olive oil press is intended for use by the hobbyist for home consumption or for the orchard owner who wants to test small quantities of olives for blending purposes or determining readiness for picking. It is not sold for the production of olive oil for resale.

      *Yield of oil is 5% to 25% by volume depending on the oil content of the olives and other variables. We cannot guarantee your yield because of the many variables involved, but if 10% is taken as an example, you would get 3 Lbs of olive oil, which is 1.34 Liters or 0.35G. An 8-hour day could yield about 10.7 Liters, or about 42 250ml bottles.