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Flying First Press

Source: The Olive Oil Source
November 30, 2004

The Olive Oil Source has shipped and delivered a record number of First Presses this year.  While there are now First Presses on most of the world's continents and in most of the olive growing areas of the world, the vast majority end up in California.  If not shipped, customers pick up the presses in pickups, Suburbans, trailers, and some have even been squeezed into tiny hatchback sedans. 

Recently customer Dick Goodman of Arizona showed up with his private plane to pick up a press.  The First Press weighs about 350 lbs and is not exactly compact so getting it into a twin prop plane along with two passengers and a large dog was a challenge. Dick, a man of many talents, currently owns an automotive accessories manufacturing business.  Olive oil making seems to be his next venture.  The press finally made it on board after complete disassembly.