Great Olive Tours is Launched in the Napa Valley | The Olive Oil Source

Great Olive Tours is Launched in the Napa Valley

Source: The Olive Oil Source
February 06, 2005

Napa valley resident Carol Ainsworth has announced the formation of a unique tour company focusing on the boutique olive oil business in California’s premier wine country. Great Olive Tours promises its guests the exciting world of private olive estates: old world olive orchards, private tastings, food pairings, demonstrations for pressing and crushing olives, and jaw-dropping vistas. By arrangement, Great Olive Tours can also provide a cooking demonstration and lunch at a private estate.

“I complemented my passion for locally produced, high quality olive oil by enrolling in the Olive Oil Appreciation seminar at Napa Valley State College and the Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil seminar at the University of California at Davis. It was an incredible learning experience that can be shared with touring guests,” said Ms. Ainsworth.

Great Olive Tours kicked off its tours last spring; and since then it has added a web site, for people to contact Carol online and to book tours. “Tasting olive oil is a little like tasting wine,” said Carol, “but there are differences. Color does not indicate quality. Olive oil ranges from green to golden to pale yellow. And freshness, not age, corresponds to quality.” “The properties we visit are all interesting in different ways, but they have two things in common: they are private, family producers who offer unique, high-quality products and a very special experience. Each producer visited is also a member of the California Olive Oil Council, an organization that requires its certification for all member olive oils that are labeled ‘extra virgin’.

The Olive Oil Source has a listing of all California producers who offer tours at Olive Oil Tours.