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More Local Sources and Varieties for Olive Trees

Source: The Olive Oil Source
December 31, 1998

Duarte Nursery in Hughson Ca has struck a deal to propagate trees which were hand selected by Prof. Guiseppi Fontanaza in 1995. Duarte is the largest grape stock supplier in North America and will be greenhouse propagating olive trees from summer cuttings, as is the usual Italian practice. Approximately 57,000 Frantoio and  7,500 Leccino will be available in late summer 1999 at $8.00 per tree. Parties interested in orders of 200 and more, wholesale, or requiring shipping should contact Julie Medina, Duarte Nursery 209-531-0351 or E-mail directly. Calaveras Olive Oil Company has the same trees in smaller quantities and will also have a limited quantity of non-grafted Kalamata for sale this summer. Other varieties of European trees will be available next season in limited quantities. Check Suppliers for other nurseries offering olive trees.