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New Industry Group Forms to Support Tasting Bar Growth

By Caroline J. Beck
October 16, 2012

The growth of a new retail environment dedicated to the sale of olive oil and specialty vinegars began in earnest a few years ago, launched by entrepreneurs that shared a common passion. Since that time, the rapid growth of olive oil tasting bars around the country has both surprised and encouraged many industry pioneers.

Common to other niche industries, an interest in sharing knowledge and experiences has resulted in the creation of The Olive Oil and Vinegar Guild of America. The organization is establishing a community of tasting bar owners and building an information collective about this new retail industry that supports growth of olive oil sales in the United States.

The purpose of olive oil tasting bars is to educate consumers about product quality and introduce customers to a world of extra virgin olive oil beyond common, supermarket brands. The newly-formed industry association, The Olive Oil and Vinegar Guild of America, is seeking new members and active participation from tasting bar owners across the country.

“Business owners will be able to share best practices and customers will be able to view recipes and valuable information regarding health and lifestyle benefits”, said Shannon Barker, founding member. “Our goal is to support one another in our efforts and showcase that we provide the freshest and best oils and vinegars available.”

For more information, tasting bar owners or suppliers of equipment, product and services to this industry are invited to read the Guild's announcement, consult The Olive Oil and Vinegar Guild of America website after its launch on October 24, and/or contact:

Shannon Barker / The Enchanted Olive / Mooresville, NC / 704-813-8054

Sandy Hofschneider / The House of Olives / Huntersville, NC / 716-949-9806