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New: The Mediterranean Line Oils and Vinegars

By Antoinette Addison
April 23, 2015

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new line of olive oils and vinegars, The Mediterranean Line by The Olive Oil Source. Over the past few years, you, our customers, have repeatedly asked us to find products that were of the quality The Olive Oil Source stands behind, but at a price-point that is competitive with inferior and lower-quality bulk oils and vinegars. Because quality has always been our guiding principle, it has taken us time to seek out and develop an authentic and superior product line that still works well on a budget. The result is The Mediterranean Line of products, olive oils and vinegars we can be proud of, at a substantially lower cost than our high-end gourmet oils and vinegars. This new line of products gives the budget-minded consumer access to artisan oils and vinegars at a competitive price-point.

We are starting with the introduction of 34 organic and traditionally farmed flavored olive oils. They are made with a mix of virgin and extra virgin olive oils with natural flavors. The high-end gourmet flavored olive oils we currently offer are made 100% from extra virgin olive oil, which is quite unusual (if not unheard of) in the industry. We heard from many of you that while you appreciate that our flavored olive oils are superior to the competition, some of your clients also wanted a product that was more price competitive.

We are also introducing the first in our new line of balsamic vinegars: The Mediterranean Line Walnut Balsamic Vinegar. The balsamic vinegars in The Mediterranean Line are slightly less dense than in our current offerings, because they have not been aged as long.

Because we have a lot of experience in growing olives and making and tasting thousands of olive oils and vinegars, we believe that we have been able to answer your requests while maintaining the integrity of our passion for quality. One of the reasons it has taken us a long time to come up with this line is that we did not want to just find cheap products and slap a label on it. We believe we have succeeded in creating products that you will be proud to offer to your customers.

In the next few months, we will be introducing many more vinegars and, eventually, some extra virgin olive oils that we can stand behind. We look forward to hearing from you.