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New Sciabica Joins Family Operation

Source: Sciabica
March 02, 2003

Modesto - Cal-Poly graduate Jonathan Sciabica has been promoted to head of Inventory Control and Purchasing at Nick Sciabica and Sons.  Jonathan is a fourth generation California olive oil maker, assisting his father, uncle and grandfather in a business started by his great-grandfather, Nicola, in 1936. 

Based out of Modesto, the company has been in business longer than any other olive oil maker in the U.S.  The Sciabicas do contract pressing, grow their own olives, sell their varietal oils in markets and supply the California cannery and food industry with wholesale products. 

The company is famous for the breadth of their line with many award winning single variety oils.  A test plot of 635 Tuscan variety trees was planted last year.  The trees produced a limited amount of olives this year that were pressed with estate grown navel oranges that have been on the family property since the 1940s. 

Another unusual oil available this year is one made from very ripe late harvest Arbequina olives.  Arbequina is a common olive in Spain but is usually picked early.