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Olive Expo 2004

Source: The Olive Oil Source
April 03, 2004

Umberto Chironi-Lubelli hosted his "Olive Expo" seminar this year in Napa Valley.  The expo was an informative overview of the olive oil industry in California.  Giuseppe Fontanazza from Perugia, Italy described the world market; which countries grow olives and export oil, which are the big importers, etc.  Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, and California were identified as expanding areas of cultivation.  He listed the marketing sectors: mass market, niche market, and elite market and what opportunities they offered to new producers. Hartley Lewis presented high density olive growing as practiced in Australia. Louise Ferguson, U.C. extension olive specialist spoke on the economic realities of olive and olive oil production. Her talk is presented below.  After lunch Claudio Vignoli of Pieralisi gave an update on the latest in olive oil processing and extraction. The day was finished with an olive oil tasting and evaluation led by COOC tasting panel leader Roberto Zecca.