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The Olive Oil Source Expands in New Space

By Caroline J. Beck
November 08, 2012

The Olive Oil Source today announced the opening of a new wholesale warehouse facility dedicated to providing expanded services to the olive oil industry and private label market, with over 7,000 new square feet of capacity featuring state-of-the-art bottling and on-demand labeling equipment.

A pioneer in the burgeoning U.S. olive oil industry since 1997, The Olive Oil Source was the first company to service and supply new U.S. producers and marketers of domestic olive oil with high quality production equipment and world-class olive oils and vinegars.

Early on, the company recognized the strong potential that a domestic olive oil market would have as consumers became more aware of the important role that olive oil could play in their healthy lifestyles. Since that time, The Olive Oil Source has expanded to become the major supplier of equipment, products and services to the olive oil industry worldwide.

“Our business was founded on the belief that customers would respond best to a company that puts their customer’s business interests first. Our own growth and reputation for authentic high quality products, ethical business practices and strong customer support has validated that core principle,” said Shawn Addison, President.

“With the extraordinary expansion the industry has experienced in the past decade, we felt it was critical to keep pace with our customers’ needs. We expanded our facilities to ensure that we are poised to continue to support this important industry into the next decade,” he added.

Where are the The Olive Oil Source sales headquarters located?Located in the heart of California’s central coast valley in Santa Maria, the new warehouse is positioned to accommodate both domestic and international customers. With over 3000 different product options, wholesale producers, marketers, and retailers can take advantage of the expanded bottling line capacity for bulk product, shiners and private label needs. In addition to capacity bottle and shiner products, the company now offers on-site label production to respond to on-demand needs.

The warehouse is open by appointment only to wholesale customers between Monday-Friday 9:00 am-4:00pm. Contact General Manager, Suzette Stahl by phone at 805.688.1014 or email for more information or to schedule an appointment. The facility is not open to the general public.