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Tasting Bar Kits and Accessories Bring Profit Opportunities to Specialty Stores

By Caroline J. Beck
January 15, 2012

Santa Ynez, CA – The Olive Oil Source, the top ranked olive oil industry website, offers two programs that provide specialty food stores and gourmet chains with an opportunity to capitalize on the increasing media attention and consumer interest in new olive oil tasting bars popping up across the country. In addition to our popular Private Label Shiners, we offer Tasting Bar Kits, complete sets of content and equipment needed to create individual store “tasting bars” on any scale.

“We have everything you need to start your own Olive Oil and Vinegar Tasting Bar. All of our kits, small and large, include an array of stainless steel tanks called fusti and a variety of extra virgin olive oils, flavored olive oils, and quality vinegars. Your bar set-up also includes a provision of empty bottles and unique closures for customers to fill with products of their choice. It’s that simple," said Shawn Addison, The Olive Oil Source President.

The kits accommodate any in-store space and range in scale from three stainless steel “fusti” supplied with one extra virgin olive oil, one flavored olive oil and one balsamic vinegar to a larger scale kit of seven “fusti” with a range of products. The kits provide bottles to accommodate in-store sales of sampled products. We can also accommodate custom requests of any size configuration featuring any products from our full line of high quality olive oils and vinegars.

“To enhance the offering and increase your profits, your bar can include additional products such as small (individual size) fusti, decorative pour spouts, dipping dishes, and products to help preserve the freshness of the fusti contents. You might also consider private labeling with our Private Label Shiners or work with our designer to create a custom label,” added Addison.

The Olive Oil Source Tasting Bars offer specialty foods retail customers the opportunity to sample products prior to purchasing and encourages repeat business as customers return to try a new product or get a refill on their personal favorite. It allows retailers to decrease expenses while having an attractive and original display of products that extends the shelf life of high quality oil and vinegars. With our simple on-line order system, Tasting Bar Kits are easy to maintain, restock, and reorder with rapid turn-around delivery.