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Tuscan Strata

November 01, 2005

Oil a large baking dish.

Line bottom with 10 pieces of sliced French bread (cut off crust).

Layer bread with shredded cheddar, then a layer of chopped green & black olives, pimentos, onion creating your own Italian salsa (save 10 tablespoons of mixture for garnish).

Sprinkle garlic powder & Italian herb seasoning on top.

Optional add chopped Italian Salami, or ham or bacon.

Cover with 10 pieces of French bread (cut off crust) 

Add a light cheese layer on top bread, jack or Parmesan work well.

Beat 1 dozen eggs with 3 cups of light milk, & pour around the bread.

Press each individual Tuscan layer down with a spatula, enough to cover with the egg mixture.

Bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes, until souffle'd and bubbly.

Cut and loosen from baking dish and neatly place serving on center of each plate.

Place a tablespoon of reserve olive mixture upon each serving

Drizzle some The Olive Oil Source strong extra virgin olive oil over the top
Dust borders of plates with chopped Italian parsley & serve.