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Unique Packaging

November 18, 2015

When it comes to packaging at The Olive Oil Source, the only limit is your imagination. Simply email us at sales@oliveoilsource.com or call us at (805) 688-1014 today!


From time to time, we will showcase some uniquely-packaged products we have made for our clients. We are especially proud to share this one!

SkyBlueMarket is a new on-line shopping experience aimed at the niche market of airline employees. Partnering with The Olive Oil Source, this on-line shopping gallery offers its first unique product that became available in October: The Destination Gourmet Gift Set.

This beautiful set of six flavored olive oils and vinegars is themed after popular airline destinations. The products are labeled with city codes that are very familiar to anyone who flies on a jet and, of course, to the airline employees who serve those travelers.

The infused products created by The Olive Oil Source make fantastic custom bottle creations sold on SkyBlueMarket. Tim Baze is the owner of this new business and invites everyone - airline employee or not - to visit the SkyBlueMarket website and check out a great combination: delicious flavors and imaginative bottling made special by The Olive Oil Source!