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The USDA is Now Soliciting Comments

Source: The Olive Oil Source
June 02, 2008

The COOC is pleased to announce that the USDA is now soliciting comments for the petition that the COOC filed in August, 2004 for revisions to the USDA standards for grades of olive oil. The PROPOSED UNITED STATES STANDARDS FOR GRADES OF OLIVE OIL AND OLIVE-POMACE OIL is now posted for comment at the USDA website at the Federal Register. The period for comment ends August 1, 2008. The COOC supports this proposal and encourages members to make comment.

The proposal reflects current industry standards commonly accepted in the United States and abroad. This proposal will make the United States standards consistent with the IOC.

The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service published an initial notice in the November 8, 2004 Federal Register providing a comment period to determine the level of interest in this revision. Thirty comments were received and they are available to view at

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