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Yolo County Fair Olive Oil Competition 2005

Source: The Olive Oil Source
November 06, 2005

This year's theme "See 'Olive' you at the Yolo County Fair." inspired the fair's first olive oil competition.  Many of California's county fairs have wine, beer, and honey competitions as well as the usual baked goods and jams and jellies. Olive Oil competitions are now being added as more regions are growing olives for oil. 

Yolo county is between Napa and Sacramento counties and has a long farming tradition.  It is the home of the University of California at Davis which  produces California's wine and olive oil experts.

Harmon Taber of Taber Ranch of Esparto took Best of Show honors with his Arbequina variety olive oil.

Mike and Dianne Madison of Yolo  Press and the UC Davis team each captured two golds.  Other gold winners were Jim Mayer, Frate Sole, Woodland; and Tom Muller, Yolo Vineyards and Olive Oil Co., Woodland.

Silver awards went to Nina Andres, Live Oak Farm, Rumsey; and Pam Story, Story Olive Oil Company, Woodland.

Sally Oliver, representing Oliver Family & Friends, Woodland, was the bronze winner.

Alexandra Devarenes from Petaluma gave a presentation on olives and the olive oil industry prior to the judging.

The judges were Arden Kraemer of Sonoma, Xavier Marques of Gridley and Alexandra.

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