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How can I export olive oil from Spain to the U.S.?


I'm living in Madrid, Spain, now, and I have connections to families who grow wonderful olive oil that they make mostly just for themselves, but I was interested in the possibility of importing it to sell.

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There are many small producers of excellent olive oil in Europe but getting the product into the retail chain in the US is very difficult. Some small specialty stores may be interested in carrying your product but the bigger chain stores usually require free product for several months, a commitment to a certain volume of sales and would require you to stock the shelves, etc. as well as pay substantial shelf fees. They prefer vendors with a complete line of products. Contact a food distributor or consultant for more information.

The olive oil importers association - the North American Olive Oil Association - is mostly larger importers with established sales channels but you may contact them for advice.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

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