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How can I import and bottle olive oil?


I enjoy your web site, and used it to help pick the Arbequina trees for our house in Healdsburg. I am writing to see if you can point me in the right direction regarding bulk importing oil from Italy. We want to import oil from our local stone frantoio located in Bagno a Ripoli in Tuscany for our brick oven customers here.

How do we go about bottling the oil in California, and getting approval to sell it? Also, are there any import issues we should know about? We currently only import non-food items.

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We don't offer information about importing because we support the California industry, you may want to contact the North American Olive Oil Association, the organization for olive oil importers.

For help on what to do once you get the oil here, go to our industry regulations page and click on the olive oil bottling license link. There may be other info there that can help you.

The Olive Oil Source offers several solutions to bottling here including glass, bottlers, tanks, etc.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

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