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Aslanis, John

Name John Aslanis
Title Director
Telephone +306977581600
Mr.Aslanis started his career in a very young age becoming an active entrepreneur at the age of 20 in the Home Appliance Market following the family business which was about the technical part of owning and running official Service and Spare Parts Sales Point of the biggest companies in the market in Athens Greece. At the age of 34 he decided to become active in the Research and Development field of the Home Appliance domain and he received 5 patent diplomas on steam generators and espresso machines. He got involved in the start-up domain trying to launch his own RnD Company in the field of small home appliances. His involvement in this domain led him to follow a new career after selling his technologies to large corporations. He worked with international funds and companies in the Greek tourism market. He received a diploma in business and market analysis. In 2014 Mr.Aslanis became a member of the Yes for Europe team as a project manager and eventually as the EU SHERPA of the organization at the G20 YEA Summit in Sydney in 2014. He focused on promoting policy recommendations and changes that will improve the European Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. In 2014 2S Pro Ltd was founded by Mr.Aslanis, an investment intelligence consulting company which is an active hub for projects and investors. 2S Pro Ltd specialty lies on creating the strategies that are required for projects and investors in order to achieve their goals.