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Ravida Azienda Agricola srl

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RAVIDA is a Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil producer, with a natural blend of Nocellara, Biancolilla and Cerasuola.
RAVIDA places Sicily on the map of quality producers In June 1993, RAVIDA became the first Sicilian estate-bottled olive oil to win a national competition, beating 70 other oils from renown oil-producing Regions. By placing Sicily on the map of Italian quality producers, it set the pace, changing a national belief that discounted Sicilian olive oils as being 'second rate'. In 2005 it has been selected as one of the ‘TOP 10’ extra virgin olive oils in the world out of 500 at OLIO 2005 organised by the Der Feinschmecker in Munich, Germany. RAVIDA has won several other Gold awards, both national and international, thus confirming its high quality and excellent flavour within the mention 'fruttato intenso'. The Olivo Saraceno, handed in November 1999 by the International Olive Oil Council and the Sicilian Council of Agriculture, recognised RAVIDA Azienda Agricola Srl as ‘the most outstanding olive oil producer in Sicily’ stressing the role played in ‘promoting the image and quality of Sicilian extra virgin olive oil around the world’.
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The distinctive flavour of RAVIDA olive oil is the result of the careful blend, often natural, of three local Sicilian varieties: Cerasuola with its fragrant full-bodied oil, Biancolilla with its delicate aroma and Nocellara with its fruity olives.
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Olives are picked by hand and with the help of vibrating methods fall onto nets placed under the trees where they are gathered, cleaned of all leaves and taken to the RAVIDA press no longer than 8 hours after picking. We use continuous centrifugation using a two phase-system at a temperature not exceeding 27°C degrees. Our unfiltered olive oil is selected for bottling throughout the harvest and storage period and bottled only as orders come.
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Company Ravida Azienda Agricola srl
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