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Texas Olive Grove Management

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Olive orchard services and nursery stock
Olive orchard design, irrigation installation, planting, and management services. Nursery stock varieties: arbequina, arbosana, koroneiki, mission, pendolino, manzanillo, leccino, baroni, and more.
6907 Old Preston Place Dallas
75252 Dallas, TX
United States
Phone: 214-325-5787
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Supplier and/or Service Provider
We supply olive trees

Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki, Mission, Pendolino, Manzanillo, Leccino, Baroni, and more
We manage orchards

Orchard design, installation and management.
We provide other services related to the olive oil industry

Call for more information.
We provide consulting services for the olive oil industry

Name Jim Henry
Company Texas Olive Grove Management
Jim Henry has been cultivating olive trees in Texas since 1994 and is an acknowledged expert in Texas olive agriculture. He has designed and planted more than ten olive orchards since then, and is the grove master for the largest olive orchard in Texas today, Texas Olive Ranch. Jim is the founding director of the Texas Olive Oil Council and is actively engaged in growing the olive industry in Texas.