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Victorian Olive Groves

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Victorian Olive Groves, Australia is a pre-eminent producer of premium Australian extra virgin olive oils, olives and olive related products. VOG believes in exceptional customer service with quality at affordable prices and sets benchmarks to which others aspire. From grove to table VOG's production methods are environmentally sensitive and sustainable.
Area 15 Mayfair Park, McDowalls Road
3550 Bendigo, VIC
Phone: 61 3 5441 5388
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We produce olive oil

VOG produces several varietals of evoo along with a number of blends for our various customers. A range of infused oils are also produced. Winners of 100's of awards, both domestically and internationally, since beginning production in 1997.
Name Peter Caird
Company Victorian Olive Groves
61 3 5441 5388