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Wadi El Nile For Food Industries

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Since 1960 the family started to increase their work, therefore they started to cultivate olives tree in new areas , away of Fayoum. So that they are the pioneers who started to farm in Alex-Cairo Desert Road where you could see the best quality of olives in all Egypt. Our plants are always free of pesticides that allow us to win the trust of clients , So that, now we are exporting to the following countries : Spain-Italia-Brasil-Algerie.etc.
Phone: 00201066388384
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

We produce olive oil

Supplier and/or Service Provider
We sell olives

We provide consulting services for the olive oil industry

Olive Oil Purveyor
We are a wholesaler of olive oil and/or olive products

We offer products that are 

We are a broker of bulk olive oils

We offer products that are