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Queen Creek Olive Mill

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Queen Creek Olive Mill is a unique Agri-tourism experience and marketplace. As a local sustainable farm, we produce Arizona's only extra virgin olive oil. Visitors from all over the world enjoy our 30 minute educational tour and can learn first-hand how olives are pressed into fresh extra virgin olive oil. Guests can shop our gourmet marketplace and sample our oils, vinegars, tapenades, and olives and dine at our award-winning Eatery.
25062 S Meridian Rd
85142 Queen Creek, AZ
United States
Phone: 480-888-9290
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

25 of our 100 acres is dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil. We have over 7000 trees planted in different planting configurations. We have 16 different varieties of olive trees. The varieties we grow have been selected over the past years for their ability to produce consistent and abundant crops here in Arizona. The predominate cultivars we have planted are the Koreneiki, Mission, and Frantoio.
We produce olive oil

We have a private mill

Tours and/or Tasting Bar
We provide tours of our facilities
We have a tasting bar
Olive Oil Purveyor
We are a retailer of olive oil and/or olive products

We offer products that are Estate Grown

We grow, produce and sell Arizona's only extra virign olive oil. We also bottle and sell a variety of other gourmet foods such as: balsamic vinegars, stuffed olives, gourmet tapenades, pasta and bbq sauces.
Name Perry Rea
Company Queen Creek Olive Mill
Owner and Masterblender