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Ñ Organic Olive Juice SL

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Spanish Extra virgin organic Olive
Ñ ORGANIC is created in 2012 to contain a premium organic extra virgin olive oil from early harvest (5th October 2014) and cold extraction (less than 22 degrees). From family olive groves located in an environment and climate are perfect, Sierra Mágina (Jaén), giving rise to the richness of a fruit, olive, with unique personality, obtaining and ensuring as well the excellence of our Virgin extra green. Ñ ORGANIC is a descriptive brand is to make it easy to remember and guess its content in the final consumer: the ñ is a nod to the prestige of Spanish oil and organic is the international concept of ecological. Our organic extra virgin olive oil is certified and approved for the European Union by the Andalusian Committee for organic farming (CAAE). Ñ ORGANIC was born to be a true partner of life of our people, forming part of the day to day and the best moments of those who share the experience. In Ñ ORGANIC we want to convey feelings that make indelible shared moments, experience Ñ ORGANIC and part of a "lifestyle". Ñ ORGANIC experience remains engraved in the memory in the form of feelings, desires and experiences as qualities and its painstaking production is able to awaken feelings which form part of their lives, able to dream and enjoy, able to feel to the point of becoming that, a style of life.
Sierra Magina, Jaen
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Organic production of centutiries olive trees groves
We produce olive oil

We produce organic extra virgin olive oil of early harvest and cold extraction