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O3 gida

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Family has been growing olives for 200 years and distributing only in local market. Recently, the new generation has decided to take the next step to join the international markets. Our vision is to offer an olive oil that gives people the great taste and health.
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Growing olives for 4 generations. Farming: Organic (EU, USDA certified) Tree type: Ayvalik (Edremit) Tree characteristics: big and strong. The branches are sparse, in green-grey tones with narrow angles. Beige-grey color trunk, long and narrow, elliptic shape leaves, surface in dark green color. Fruit size : Medium Fruit Shape : almost circular cylinder Fleshy part : 86.5% Pit: 13.5% Purpose: Oil Yield: 80-90 kg/tree
We produce olive oil

Fully organic, boutique, Extra Virgin Olive Oil production with the capacity of 50 tons/year. Fruity, superior taste, early harvest.
Name Eddy Afacan
Company O3 gida
Marketing Manager