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Oil Ladi (a tradestyle of Dimimiko, Inc.)

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Importer and wholesaler of EVOO from Greece
We grow the Manaki varietal in Argolida, Greece. The mill we use is located nearby in Ag. Dimitrios and the EVOO is bottled at the site. Dimimiko, Inc. imports the EVOO to the US and we sell direct to consumer, via retail stores in New York and to distributors in the area.
20 Nepperhan Avenue
10706 Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
United States
Phone: 914-589-6434
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

We grow the Manaki varietal in Argolida, Greece. Acidity levels are typically in the 0.4% and phenolic compounds are within the IOC's requirements.
We produce olive oil

Our olives are milled and the EVOO is bottled at the mill in Ag. Dimitrios, (Argolida, Greece)
Name Dina Tourloukis - Fleischman
Company Oil Ladi (a tradestyle of Dimimiko, Inc.)
The Tourloukis family received the groves shortly following Greece's independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821. At that time, the government distributed, to the various families in the area, those properties that had been seized by the Ottomans and held for centuries. Our immediate family owns about 600 trees which produce just over 2 tons of olive oil annually, sometimes more depending on the harvest. Until I started this company, we sold our EVOO to wholesalers in Greece. The groves are 100% organic. We have not pursued organic certification, mainly because it's rather expensive and, for our purposes, was not necessary however, I plan to look into the process when I go to Greece in December for the 2015 harvest. With respect to the pesticides used, there are strict rules as to what can be applied and when. A pesticide is applied once in the spring when the trees bloom and only to the flower and high on the bark ensuring that nothing gets into the root system. If there is a cause for concern that requires additional application later in the season, that application is restricted to the roadways. and perimeter of the groves only, again, for the purpose of keeping any chemicals away from the roots. We grow the Manaki varietal which is a small, green olive, distinguished for its ability to grow well in high elevation and produces an exceptional EVOO. The olives are hand-picked and cold-pressed well within 24 hours. Extraction is only by mechanical means. A Certificate of Origin accompanies all our shipments and a chemical analysis by an independent lab has been performed. The groves are located in the east coast of the Peloponnese which is the province called Argolis (we say Argolida). More specifically, our groves are in the area between Nafplion (where I was born) and Epidavros (a little further east).