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D'Oliva Olive Oil

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We are the producers of award winning, exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil.
Sunol, CA
United States
Phone: 925-461-1543
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

D'Oliva Olive Oil is situated on a family ranch in the community of Sunol in Northern California. Our blend of six traditional Tuscan varietals results in a flavor profile that is intense and yet beautifully balanced. Our small grove of 325 trees is nurtured by hand and inspected weekly. Each step of caring for our trees and creating our oil is completed for the greatest health benefit and ultimate quality.
We produce olive oil

Harvest is what we work so hard towards all year! Our olives are harvested by hand into belly buckets, put into yellow bins to weigh, then finally to half ton bins on the truck. An early morning is scheduled for the following day to get the olives to the mill as quickly as possible. This extra care results in practically perfect olives on arrival at the mill, making for an oil of exceptional quality and taste.