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Award-winning label and sticker printing New Zealand - leaders in olive oil and other product labels. High quality and super durable, designed and built to stand the test of time and transit.
We pride ourselves on being the cutting edge of label printing and production. We have the South Island's only digital label printing capability with the best finishes. We offer exclusive coatings and stocks specific for olive oil and other product applications to prevent scuffing and outlast others in ice buckets.
6 Mary Muller Drive Hillsborough
New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 384 2903
First Year in Business
Supplier and/or Service Provider
We provide other services related to the olive oil industry

We provide high quality, custom labels for olive oil products using OilStop. With exclusive coatings, we create labels that repel oil and look perfect. We are members of Olives New Zealand and have tested our product labels specifically with the olive oil industry here. Be it for the hobbyist with less than 100 trees or the larger operations with commercial groves of 40,000 we offer innovative processes for a unique labelling solution.