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Orfion Olive Oil

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Orfion Olive Oil is a craft brand created by the fourth generation of the Üzden family having focused olive oil production since 1953 through following the new technologies and using family tradition.
It is said that three generations are required to learn a profession. We don’t know if its true or not, but we have collected a lot of stories on olive and olive oil in these 63 years which means significant knowledge and experience at the same time. As Orfion we focus on quality rather than quantity. To supply this quality in every bottle is work of art of our own mill from olive tree to bottling . Our oils are produced from “Edremit-Ayvalık” type olives from Canakkale-Dardanelles region which is mentioned as the best olive type in Turkey for olive oil. To catch our exceptional taste we believe in best cultivation and manufacturing, storage practices.
17100 Merkez, CKL
Phone: +908508851734
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

The homeland of the olive trees is Canakkale, ephic city Troy. The sun-kissed hills and valleys of Dardenelles, a ancient agricultural heartland, have been home to olive groves for centuries.
We produce olive oil

We produce high quality extra virgin olive oil with boutique production methods under our own brand Orfion.
We have a public mill

We provide certified organic milling services

We have community milling days

Maximum Daily Capacity (in tons)

Name Ozgur Uzden
Company Orfion Olive Oil
Business Development
+90 555 879 09 56