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Fersis Gida San ve Tic AS

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Olive Oil and Table Olive Producer and exporter from Turkey
Our company, 'Fersis Gıda San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.', was born from the love and passion to build a quality olive oil producing and exporting company in Turkey and to serve Turkish Olive Oil to the world people. We established our product brands – ‘Masmana’ – to offer a healthy and beautiful life to our valued customers mainly with our table olives, extra-virgin olive oils, and organic Olive Oil. Try us and you will know that we give you an unsurpassed quality.
Phone: +90 5352 044 044
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

We have approximately 80 Hectare of of Olive field in the area of Kilis and Izmir in Turkey.
We produce olive oil

We have a olive oil production unit with a 400 ton of annual capacity of production.
Name Ali HAYTA
Company Fersis Gida San ve Tic AS