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Mer des oliviers de Delphes

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Extra virgin olive oil producers and farmers in the area of Delphi in Greece.
Our family produces olive oil and olives in the area of Delphi since 1844. We are the 5th generation of olives and olive oil farmers. The olive oil is cold extracted from Amfissis olives in the area of production. It is bottled in our own bottling factory.
4th km Delphi Itea road V. AND V. KANATAS G.P.
33054 Delphi
Phone: 2265082209
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

They are in the olive grove of Delphi - Amfissa, in Greece. Most of them are more than 500 years old. The variety is Amfissis olives.
We produce olive oil

We own a bottling factory in the area of Delphi where we bottle our own extra virgin olive oil. The quality of the olive oil is supreme.
Tours and/or Tasting Bar
We provide tours of our facilities
We have a tasting bar
Name Vasilis Kanatas
Company Mer des oliviers de Delphes
5th generation olive oil farmer and producer. Working in the family business since 1985. Studied physics in the University of Patras.