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Olive Business (Salsi Pty Ltd)

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Olive Business provides information and services to the Olive Industry, as well as running the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes professional development programme.
Salsi Pty Ltd (Trading as Olive Business) was established in Victoria, Australia in 1981. The company has run events and published information for and about the olive industry since 1998, and launched in 1999. Our publications include "The Olive Handbook", the "Table Olive Handbook" and the "Oil Taster's Companion". Salsi also produces Salsi Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an organic olive oil produced from our olive grove in Central Victoria. Salsi also establised the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes programme in 2001, which has been run in Australia, South Africa, England, Italy and Spain, with presenters including international olive oil expert Judy Ridgway.
PO Box 104
3478 St Arnaud
Phone: 61418329830
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Salsi has a 4500 olive grove in Central Victoria, Australia, established in 1998.
We produce olive oil

Salsi produces Salsi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made from olives grown in our olive grove in Centra Victoria, Australia.
Name Simon Field
Company Olive Business (Salsi Pty Ltd)
Simon Field, organiser of Savantes, is a producer of organic olives and olive oil, table olive processor and olive oil trader. He is the author of the Olive Handbook, The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taster’s Companion, The Table Olive Handbook, The Olive Oil Maker’s Handbook, and The Olive and Olive Oil Marketer’s Handbook. He travels extensively organising tasting and cooking programmes, and researching the production, sale and culinary uses of extra virgin olive oil.