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Sifa Olive Oil and Soap Co. Ltd.

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Our company is dedicated to excellence to serve our clients with its state of the art equipment, visionary staff, and laboratories. We passionately grow olives, process and bottle as Olive Oil.
We export our products under the patented brands of SİFANUR and GOLDDROP as well as having clients with their own brands. We could supply and deliver 10.000 tons annually. In addition, we export our products to many countries worldwide such as USA, RUSSIA, S. ARABIA, KUWAIT, UAE, KOREA, ROMANIA and so on. Private labeling available.
Yenisehir Mah. Ataturk Cad.
Phone: +90 326 311 4060
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We produce olive oil

We are a company that is located where Olives are harvested by local farmers. We produce 80 tons/day.
Supplier and/or Service Provider
We provide bottling services

We provide private labeling and bottling services for our clients.
We have a public mill

Maximum Daily Capacity (in tons)

Testing Laboratory
We provide chemical testing for the olive oil industry

We provide full chemical analysis as well.
Tours and/or Tasting Bar
We provide tours of our facilities
We mainly provide tours for educational purposes organized by the University as well as for our clients.
Name Aziz Bulanik
Company Sifa Olive Oil and Soap Co. Ltd.
+90 326 311 4060