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Wimex LLC

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The WIMEX LLC specializes in extra virgin olive oil. For this reason WIMEX LLC has opened a landmark in Italy from where it exports around the world. The WIMEX LLC seeking distributors and importers that wish to trade a real olive juice.
After careful research and tastings throughout the Mediterranean, Wimex LLC agreed that the extra-virgin olive in central Italy is the best in the world for its taste, smell and color as well as rich in antioxidant, vitamin E and many other components essential to the health and for diets. Thus, in July 2009 Wimex LLC opened an office and warehouse in Montefiascone, a small town around Lake Bolsena, where the culture of extra virgin is deeply felt and appreciated thanks of its historical foundations. The areas of cultivation are of volcanic origin in the hills around Lake Bolsena. The combination of volcanic soil and ideal climate, are a perfect situation for growing and ripening of the most prized varieties of olives in the world. From here, Wimex LLC selected producers, cultivars and mills, as well as control the production of various types of extra virgin olive oils, bottling, packaging and shipping all over the world. All of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be defined as a olives juice because the olives are manual harvesting and dont undergo any treatment other than washing, minced continuous cycle and centrifuged within 8/14 hours from collection. This process produce a special extra-virgin olive oil of superior quality with an ultra-low acidity. Bottling will be made only when we receive your order, immediately prior to shipping! In this way Wimex LLC are sure to send you an extra-virgin olive oil perfect in all its organoleptic qualities.
150 S.E. 2nd Avenue, Suite 1010
33131 Miami, FL
United States
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We produce olive oil

The plant is fully automated where the olives are leaves removed, washed, crushed, malaxed, and centrifuged in a cold continuous cycle. The obtained olive oil is transferred into an underground storage at constant temperature and stored in stainless steel tanks with nitrogen on the surface,thus oil extra virgin olive oil has no contacts with any other external element and stored in an ideal way. The bottling is done at the ordered request.
Olive Oil Purveyor
We are a broker of bulk olive oils

We offer products that are Organic

Abbiamo solo la commercializzazione di olio extra vergine di oliva in tre linee: Olio extra vergine di oliva Extravergine di Oliva certificato da ICEA P.D.O. Tuscia certificata olio extra vergine di oliva Tutti i nostri extra vergine di oliva sono certificati dalla Comunità europea e confezionati in frantoi. Siamo in grado di fabbricare qualsiasi imballaggio richiesto.