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Charta Olive Farms

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Charta Olive Farms is a Wholesale Nursery. Our primary products are grower size olive trees, nursery stock olive trees and olive oil production equipment. Our nursery has 52 varieties of olive tree available from around the world. We also offer olive oil processing and bottling services.
Charta Olive Farms We offer the following Equipment and Services: Wholesale Traditional Olive Trees Wholesale IRTA and Nurstech Select Clones Olive Orchard Design Services Drip Irrigation Design Services Orchard Drip System and Trellis Installation Orchard Pruning and Maintenance Counseling Olive Harvesting, Processing and Bottling Services Charta Olive Farms was developed to bring Olive Ranching to South-Central Texas. We have recently constructed 21,000 sq. ft. of new greenhouse space for the expansion of our olive tree propagation facilities. In 2011 we hope to produce 50,000 new traditional olive trees and bring those, together with 200,000 Nurstech trees, to the marketplace. Once all of our new facilities are online we intend to expand that number of trees greatly. Our goal for the future is to deliver to 500,000 new trees to local growers. In addition to our nursery system, Charta has Orchard Design, Installation and Harvesting Services. We have purchased an Oliomio 350 processing machine and we will also be offering some modest processing services as well.
2916 FM 109 Colorado
78934 Columbus, TX
United States
Phone: 979-732-9400
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Charta has 52 varieties of olive tree in our orchards. We have expanded our propagation facilities greatly and we now can produce 20,000 trees per cycle. This gives us the capacity to produce 80,000 traditional olive trees per annum. We are also an active distributor of both IRTA and Select Nurstech trees.
We produce olive oil

Despite the fact that the oldest trees in our orchards are just now 7 years old, Charta is beginning to produce some very fine olive oil. We are harvesting Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina, Arbequina and Picual trees. Many of our other varieties will be producing very soon.
Name Jeff Transedau
Company Charta Olive Farms
General Partner
Jeff Transeau, the principal investor and manager of Charta Olive Farms, is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas and holds a degree in Biology. He has been involved in the business community for some 31 years and has run several successful companies. He founded Charta in 2000 to serve the needs of local, state and national business organizations. He has used that business experience and his passion for Olive Trees, and plants in general, to expand Charta into new areas. We are now offering additional services never before available in Texas. We have developed a plan to help new olive ranchers get started with our Olive Orchard Installation Services. We have purchased processing equipment and we are prepared for the conversion of South-Central Texas to an olive culture.