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Giangrandi Gourmet

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Giangrandi Gourmet's organic and premium extra virgin olive oils from Chile are created specifically for olive oil connoisseurs seeking the ultimate sensorial taste experience.
It is our privilege to introduce you to what can only be described as the healthiest pleasure you’ll ever find in a bottle — Giangrandi Gourmet organic and premium extra virgin olive oils from Chile. What word comes to mind when you hear “olive oil?” If you answered “Italian,” you’re in for a surprise. In fact, once you taste our olive oils, we believe words like “heavenly” and “alluring” will come to mind. Let’s talk standards. Our olive oils are not mass produced commodities. Rather, they are estate grown, 100% certified organic, created with tender loving care for the ultimate sensorial experience. You can expect rave reviews — from unrivaled taste to how elegant the packaging looks. We admit Giangrandi olive oils are not for everyone. Our mission is in catering to the health conscious connoisseurs who appreciate the highest quality palatable passions. Our fan base includes chefs, specialty shop owners, retailers and olive oil lovers around the world. Please explore our website to learn more about our company and products. Feel free to contact us at 305.948.5645 for a complimentary tasting. Warmest regards, The Giangrandi Family “AROMONIA” Human Health Foundation Trophy, 1st Place For the extra virgin olive oil with the best chemical composition from the Southern Hemisphere
16850-112 Collins Ave #134 Dade
33160 Sunny Isles Beach, FL
United States
Phone: 305-948-5645
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We grow olive trees

In the heart of central Chile’s Coquimbo Region rests the Los Cóndores Valley, home of the Giangrandi Gourmet olive groves. Land is dry, semi-arid Mediterranean climate, 590 ft. above sea level, with mineral-rich soil. Distinct varieties on our farm include: arbequinas, barneas, picuals, frantoios, leccinos, coratinas, ligurias and racimos olives.
We produce olive oil

Production process is meticulously controlled on our farm, in our own processing plant from beginning to bottle. Hand-harvesting, State-of-the-art, Italian-made processing plant boasting two lines, each with an olive processing capacity of 1,544 pounds per hour. Optimum storage conditions featuring stainless steel tanks with floating lids and nitrogen seals to prevent oxidation and protect oil quality while keeping organic attributes in tact.
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We offer products that are Organic, Estate Grown