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Saint Sebastian Bay is situated on the South East coast of Southern Africa, close to Cape Agulhus, the most southern tip of Africa. It is blessed with a temperate Mediterranean climate providing exceptional growing conditions for olives. You will find in every bottle of Saint Sebastian Bay Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be of outstanding quality with a balanced charater well suited for salad dressing or to enhance the flavour of any dish.
The Greenleaf Olive Company was established with a vision to provide South African consumers with the oppurtunity to purchase, at affordable prices, Extra Virgin olive Oil that meets the highest standards. The ground has been prepared to produce, here in South Africa, olive oil of a purity, clarity, texture and taste to rival the very best from the coutries that have traditionally set the benchmark In 2004 the Greenleaf Olive Company purchased a farm near Swellendam in the Western Cape. here both soil and climate are ideal for the development of a modern olive grove. Nine cultivars were planted: Coratina,Barnea, Frantoio,Leccino,Picual,Koroneiki,Arbequina,Arbesona and Hojiblanca. Of these, only three were previously available in South Africa. The other six cultivars were imported having been selected for their positive characteristics and high yield. To date, 290ha have been planted and a further 40ha will be planted during 2010. At full production Greenleaf will produc approximately 850 000litres of Extra Virgin Olive Oil per annum. The combination of exceptional soil, a Mediterranean climate notable for its long, hot summers and wet winters plus state-of-the-art technology (from harvesting to pressing) will ensure that within the next few years Greenleaf is set to become the largest grower and producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in South Africa. Our brand name, Saint Sebastian Bay Extra Virgin Olive Oil was inspired by the beautiful Saint Sebastian Bay adjacent to Cape Agulhas where the greenleaf Farm is situated.
Killarney Gardens South Africa
7441 Cape Town, WC
South Africa
Phone: 021-5563238
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

9 different cultivars. Namely: 1. Arbequina 2. Koroneiki 3. Barnea 4. Leccino 5. Coratina 6. Picual 7. Frantoio 8. Arbosana 9. Hojiblanca
We produce olive oil

Our to olive oils are 1. Saint Sebastian Bay Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Premium 2. Greenleaf Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Name Paul Vermeulen
Company The Greenleaf Olive Company
Business Development Manager
Name Kelly  White
Company The Greenleaf Olive Company
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