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San Felipe Olive Company

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Manufacturer of Bear Paw "CUB" Olive Oil Press for small producers and home artisans. Using household appliances for grinding and mixing, this press is simple to use and very affordable. Excellent oil quality and yield Also Olive Orchard Management and Consultation in the Southern Calif. region.
San Felipe Olive Co. began our orchard planting in the spring of 2008. We know own or manage approx. 3,000 trees in a range of varieties. We also offer Orchard management and consultation services in the Southern California area. The Bear Paw "CUB" Olive Oil Press is manufactured with the small producer and home olive oil enthusiast in mind. It will process 10 lbs. of olives per batch using common household appliances to grind and mix the olives. The resulting oil is extra virgin quality with good yield. The "CUB" Press was proven and perfected in last years harvest and is offered at a very affordable price. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
36255 Ivy Ave. San Bernardino
92399 Yucaipa, CA
United States
Phone: 909 260-2288
First Year in Business
Supplier and/or Service Provider
We manage orchards

Orchard management and consultation in the Southern California region.
We provide other services related to the olive oil industry

Manufacturer of the Bear Paw "CUB" Olive Oil Press for small producers and home olive oil enthusiasts.