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Rancho Olivos

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Grower and producer of fresh extra virgin olive oil: Arbequina, Italian, and Garlic Pressed oi. Custom olive farming and management. Free tasting on premises daily.
Local grower and producer of fresh olive oil. Complimentary tasting offered daily. Specializing in Arbequina, Italian and Garlic pressed EVOO. Online webstore in addition to direct sales. Wholesale available. Custom bottling available, as well as custom blends of California EVOO. Custom Farming and olive orchard management now available. Please contact
2390 N. Refugio Rd.
93460 Santa Ynez, CA
United States
Phone: 805-686-9653
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

We have 7 acres in olives, a mixture of Spanish, Italian and California varietals. We also manage additional local orchards that grow Mission, Arbequina and Italian varietals. We are not certified organic but we follow organic practices. Our groves are planted in a traditional orchard formation, and most were planted in 2000. We also sell 1 gallon Arbequina olive trees.
We produce olive oil

All of our olives are hand harvested, and milled within 24 hours of harvest at our local commercial olive mill. This gives our oil an incredibly fresh flavor. We produce Arbequina, Italian and and a variety of flavored oils. We also sell our special blend of balsamic vinegar. In addition to offering daily tastings of olive oil, we sell seasonal organic produce from our farm, including peaches, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, squash, etc.
Name Shannon Casey
Company Rancho Olivos
Fomerly a producer in computer generated effects and animation, Shannon Casey is a food obsessed olive farmer with a fierce dedication to producing a great tasting olive oil. Casey enjoys meeting people during tasting at the farm, and loves to blend oils for local wineries. Casey is looking forward to producing more oil and managing new olive orchards in the Santa Ynez Valley.