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ISB Olive Oil

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We are one of the biggest olive oil supplier in Tunisia. We supply bottled and in bulk olive oil. For more details please visit our web site
Created in November 2007, our company mainly reflects the cordial and harmonious partners on both shores of the Mediterranean. This collaboration related to the history of Tunisian and Sicilian families broken with trade in olive oil for generations since many generations has led to joint investments made in Tunisia. Our infrastructure also reflect our full integration in the industry since the ISB OLIVE OIL, installed in an agricultural field, ensures the production, processing, storage and bottling, the whole process of olive cultivation. Also, to deal our orders, ISB OLIVE OIL is related to a network of oil partners listed on first class that we provide the highest quality and traceability of our supplies, with a framework of fair trade, characterized by the respect of health and environmental standards. Our company is also based on its own skills and in particular : Mr. HABIB BADRA administers and manages the company. He currently holds the position of union President of oil in Tunisia . Mr. FILIPPO GIORDANO Taster-Master, provides leadership and commercial relationships with our customers . Mr. Kais Bouhajeb Oil-Master, he manages our suppliers and is responsible for monitoring oil quality. . Moreover, all the administrative and technical staff is listening to our customers and is available to answer to any request
Beni khiar
8060 Nabeul
Phone: +216 22 885 921
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

We have a domaine call "sidi chaabane" in the region of capbon (Nabel) north west of Tunisia. You can see the map in this link:,10.785871&spn=0.010297,0.022724&z=16
We produce olive oil

We produce our own olive oil and we buy olive oil from many other producers in the hole country. With our talented Taster-Master Mr. FILIPPO GIORDANO we are able to provide one of the best olive oil gustatory value in Tunisia.
Name Jounayd Yacoubi
Company ISB Olive Oil
Sales manager